Do I need to book? 

Yes, all players must be pre-booked.


How far in advance should I book? 

The sooner the better, to make sure you get your preferred time

and date.


How many players do I need? 

On a weekend there is no minimum as all groups get mixed

together. For weekdays at least 15 players are required for

maximum enjoyment.


What times do the sessions run from? 

The morning sessions run from 10 o'clock to 12.30p.m. The

afternoon runs from 1 o'clock to 3.30p.m. Or for the truly

battle hardened there's a full day from 10 o'clock to 3.30p.m.


Should I arrive early for my session? 

Yes, all players are required to arrive 15 minutes before the start



What happens if I'm late for my session? 

We will try and accommodate players who arrive late, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to fit you in.


Can I bring my own paintballs? 

No, only paintballs purchased on the site can be used as this is how we control the quality of the paintballs.


Can we buy extra paintballs on the day? 

Yes. Paintballs are available on the day for between £6 and £7 per hundred balls.


How many paintballs will I use? 

The number of paintballs used varies dramatically from person to person depending on their style of play. As a general rule we recommend between 300 and 500 for a half day session for an average player, but some players will use considerably more than this!


Can I bring my own equipment? 

Players are more than welcome to bring their own equipment however the use of their own markers will be at the discretion of the management on the day. For more information, contact us.


What should I wear? 

Not the Sunday best! You're going to be running around the woods which during the winter months will be wet and muddy. Stout footwear is recommended and, although overalls are provided paint can occasionally leak through them, so wear old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.


Is there somewhere I can leave valuables? 

Valuables are best off not being brought on site, but if they are we recommend leaving them in your cars. The only items site staff can take care of are car keys.


If you still have questions please contact us.



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